Minimalist Inspiration…

Over the last little while our family had sort of fallen off the “Minimalist Wagon”.  We’re not drowning in stuff over here… but there are definitely things around here that are just excess and not serving a purpose.  

To slay this clutter dragon (again… ahem).  I’m making a list of inspirational minimalist blogs to give me motivation.

This 30-day minimalist challenge from Into Mind  looks like it will be very encouraging to participate in. It doesn’t just deal with cleaning out closets and dealing with your physical junk… the daily suggestions are mostly about doing things that are good for your peace of mind and I could totally use a little sanity here.

Clutter Free With Kids by Joshua Becker is the book that really motivated me to consider living with less ( and it’s less than $6 for the Kindle edition).  I suppose it’s only natural that I would continue to me motivated by his Becker’s blog Becoming Minimalist.  He has some super practical tips for helping you keep your resolution to declutter.

Oh my word!  Make Room for Greatness has the mother load list of articles about exploring minimalism.  I haven’t read all of them… but I plan to dive in once my kiddos are in bed tonight.

What are you doing to regain control of your stuff?  Where are you gleaning your minimalist inspiration?

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