Happy Birthday Hudson!

Dear Hudson
I promise to keep my emotions in check over you turning 9… (not like when you turned 8).  
You are so brave.  Exploring, trying daredevil tricks, coming up with games that include smashing rocks and shooting slingshots.  I must admit, since I grew up with all sisters, you often bewilder me with all your bounty of boyness.

I’m so happy you are a kind and patient kid.  My heart nearly bursts when I see the gentle ways you let your little sister “help” you with things and the way you teach her new skills.  I love that you include Meadow in your adventures and let her be “one of the guys” with you.  You are a fantastic big brother.

Thank you for being a great kid.  Your sense of humor and quick smile make being your mom a pleasure… even if most of the giggling you do is because your smelly toot is torturing all of us.

This time last year you had just finished your first chapter book.  I can not even count how many you have read throughout the last year.  I hope you will always love stories.

You are amazing.  I am so thrilled to be your mom.

Happy Birthday Cute Face!

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