Coldest Night Of The Year 2015

I often feel limited in how to serve those who are homeless or hungry… and I believe a lot of mommies with small kids feel this way as well.  
With young offspring in tow I can manage eye contact and a smile at a man huddled by the library doors.  Sometimes I can offer the change in my pocket if I can organize my little people not to run into traffic.  On occasion, when I am out and about kidless, I have been known to hand out hot chocolates with my friends.  

So I’m doing what I can… but am I doing all I can?  Probably not… and I hope to grow in this area to live up to more of my potential.

One way I’m doing this is by walking in The Coldest Night of The Year on February 21, 2015.  I have 2 feet, a pair of boots, and warm clothes to wear… I am fully capable of walking with a group of people to raise money for our local New Life Mission.

I took a tour of the New Life Mission last fall and was very impressed by the variety of ways they are able to give a hand up.  There is a health clinic and  dentist office.  They have their own catering company, a room for refurbishing computers and a safe place for people to come in out of the cold.  Just to name some of their services.  It is a place worth supporting.

How You Can Help

Be a part of the walk… You are welcome to join my team Night Owls and walk alongside my dad, my friends Sarah and Corene  and I.  Or join a team in your community if we’re far away friends. 
You can sponsor us. You’ve heard the cliche… Every little bit helps! It’s true!  Please donate what you can to help those less fortunate.  
Pray.  Pray that we have good attitudes walking in the cold, pray that the money we raise is spent with wisdom, pray for those who are cold and hungry to be warm and fed. 
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