My Best Day…

Right now I am enrolled in Upstream Field Guide.  An online course found over at The Art of Simple.  One of the exercises is to write down what your best day would look like and I thought it would be fun to share with you and maybe find out what your best day would look like as well.

Up and at ’em

Ok I know plenty of you who know me well know that I struggle in the morning, but on those rare occasions that I am up at least an hour before my children magic happens.
So my best morning would start early.  I would walk past my full length mirror in my super cute matching jammies (because I can’t starts a perfect morning in the T-shirt I borrowed from Craig due to forgetting to do laundry) and give myself a little wiggle and a wink.  There would be a steaming cuppa Macaroon black tea and the fire blazing away in the wood stove. I would bust out the laptop on the clean and clutter-free island (cleaned the night before) and I would write not one but two brilliant, viral, blog posts.
As little ones begin to stir and come out of their room each would want to snuggle me on the couch and talk about the plans for the day ahead.  The older two would then help the littlest pour her cheerios and all sit down with cereal and fruit to munch the most important meal of the day.
I would eat a fat-free toasted peanut butter and bacon sandwich for my breakfast. (We did say this was my best day right?)

Get the party started!

We could get to work on school stuff right away because the maid would work around us doing the chores. (Ok I promise I will try to be more realistic). Everybody would set about their chores quickly so we could start on school work.
A great novel study that nobody wants to tear themselves away from is how we would begin our lessons, and not a single soul would complain that the chapter is too long or that there are too many questions.
Delaney would play quietly with some very educational toy, or draw pictures ON PAPER… while the big kids and I have a lively discussions about who our favorite character is, or what will happen in the next chapter.
Then we would all paint.  Creating masterpieces on canvass that will be prominently be displayed in the living room.

Lunch Time!

There is some amazing leftover soup for lunch.  Perhaps a sweet creamy butternut squash soup or a hearty beef stew.  And when I open the fridge there is a wedge of brie cheese that will be scrumptious on some Triscuits with slices of granny smith apple.  
Each child will smile and tell me how yummy their food is and eat it all up.

The Quiet of The Afternoon

While Delaney naps each child will find a corner of the house and do a quiet activity.  Lego, or drawing or whatever they think of that is quiet and alone.  I will curl up and devour a chapter or 5 of a really good book and sip the latte that Hudson made for me. (That boy makes some good coffee).
Around 4pm we would gather up our ski gear and head to the hill where Craig will join us after work.  We will ski from 5pm until Daddy gets there and then eat burgers and fries and gravy in the lodge.  Then head on out to the lit ski hill for a few more runs before it’s time to go home and put little ones to bed. 

When the Night Comes

It’s just Craig and I awake now, we turn on a fabulous Netflix series and I would grab my current crochet project and a cuppa fruity herbal tea and we sit side by side, my feet might find their way under his thigh so my toes can be cozy.  Then I floss my teeth… put on my cute matching jammies and sleep all night long.

What does your best day look like?  Leave me a comment or join the synchroblog and leave me a link to you blog post.

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7 Responses to My Best Day…

  1. I love the idea of this! I recently started listening to the art of simple too. Do you like the upstream guide?


  2. I am loving the Upstream Field Guide… it's $65 Canadian… so I was a bit leery about the cost… but I have found it to be very worth it so far.


  3. That does sound like a really great day. I hope that it is one of those things that once put out into the universe comes true for you really soon. Does bacon really taste good with peanut butter though?!?


  4. Debbie says:

    Love it 🙂 I love the “on paper” part haha. Amen! I think I may have to copy you and make a post about my best day too. 🙂


  5. Goat Gal says:

    Yes Debbie do it! Blog about your best day!


  6. Heather says:

    My best day had cleaning fairies, so i'm not sure how realistic it actually was… 🙂


  7. Goat Gal says:

    Well mine had an invisible maid… so you know it all works out in the end. 🙂


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