Capsule Kitchens

There’s a new idea circulating social media.  In the minimalist circles at least… it’s called a capsule kitchen.  It’s similar to a capsule wardrobe. 

With a capsule wardrobe you only have a certain amount of clothing items and you can generally mix and match those items to create various outfits. Case in point my 33 items of clothing for 3 months commitment.

When it comes to a capsule kitchen replace clothing items with food.  So for 3 months you only shop for and eat 33 food items which you can of course eat on their own or use in recipes with some of the other items on your list.

This fascinates me.  I mean really how great would it be to have your shopping list streamlined for 3 months.  Eat more in season produce and get your creative juices flowing to try new recipes.  Exciting right?

It also terrifies me.  I mean how much zucchini and squash can a person eat?  And what about cravings?  What if I really want Kraft Dinner?  But it’s not on my list of 33 foods… so I don’t even have it in the house… and then I just stand there staring at my sadly bare cupboard… totally uninspired because there is no mac and cheese!  Do you feel the anxiety?

I promise to let you know if I decide to take this on.

What do you think?  Does the idea of a capsule kitchen appeal to you?  What would be on your list?

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2 Responses to Capsule Kitchens

  1. dione says:

    Could this be liberating? I mean, we only 'really eat' from a pretty small family of foods over here…but I hear you on the cravings. What would be interesting is a fridge without the 'why on earth do I have kimichi anyway” thought when I look inside….


  2. dione says:

    chick peas
    sunflower seeds
    soya sauce
    baby carrots
    snap peas
    mini chocolate chips
    wow butter
    coconut oil
    navy beans
    crushed tomatoes
    rice cereal
    rice syrup
    rice crackers
    rye crackers
    coffee (duh)
    blueberries would be nice.

    And just thinking about it makes me palpitations. Even though this is reasonably close to our current weekly shop. I guess it is the idea of not having enough or a meal to put together. I do NOT like that feeling!!


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