Cleaning Out The Closet… Before and After

Sooo this week I kind of flaked in the taking pictures of my outfits department. I do have 1 to share with you though…  (I did get dressed more that once this week I promise) and then a before and after closet reveal.

Outfit 1:

 Target (RIP) cardigan, grey tank, American Eagle skinny jeans, purple scarf from the fudge shop on the way to Vanderhoof.

I wore this on Tuesday to my kid’s gymnastics class and then to the dentist.

I’m actually looking to replace this pair of jeans, so I went shopping, and of course fell in love with $98 Silver skinny jeans.  Perhaps this Cost Per Wear post will help me part with that kind of cash for a pair of pants.  In the mean time I’m still thinking on that purchase.

 On to the bedroom closets. 

Here they are before:

(Note that I couldn’t even open the closet door all the way to take a picture of the shelves.)

With the amount of purging we have done recently it was decided that Craig and I really didn’t need separate closets.  What we really needed was a place to keep the vacuum, broom, mop, linens, and adult board games. One garbage bag of stuff removed and a whole bunch on hangers tossed…

What have your minimizing projects looked like this week?

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1 Response to Cleaning Out The Closet… Before and After

  1. Bonnie Way says:

    I've been working on minimizing with our move… I did a lot of downsizing and hauling stuff off to the thrift stores before we moved and I had a box that went to the thrift store, of stuff that I found while unpacking. I should keep doing that. 🙂 It's a good thing to do on a regular basis – we seem to be very good at accumulating stuff. 🙂


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