What’s Saving My Life Right Now…

Life is a tricky thing… the actual act of being alive seems simple enough to most… inhale, exhale, repeat… but some would argue, that’s not really living, it’s only surviving.  

There are thousands of little ways my life is being saved I’m sure.  Not the kind of saved that merely prevents me from dying… but fills me with breath and life and love and the will to put one foot in front of the other and take the next step.  I have taken note of just 6 below.

The Upstream Field Guide

 It has been exhilarating to discover why I do the things I do, write about my best day and dissect it to figure out the important themes. Focusing on me with a learning mindset has been the ultimate “me time” adventure.  I normally don’t pay for online courses but this one has been so worth it.

Copious amounts of tea. 

 I am becoming a tea lover and honestly I may be a bit of an addict.  On these chilly winter days my mug is nearly always full of tea (in varying temperatures depending on how often my sipping is interrupted).


Sometimes I get to ski all by myself… only the sound of swishing movements… I get to focus on my muscles making the turns… feel the breeze on my face… embrace the clean, fresh smell of snow and trees.  This is energizing.

Noisecancelling Headphones

Too much noise pretty much makes me crazy.  By late afternoon my tolerance for silly sounds and piano practice and knock knock jokes that don’t make sense, comes to an abrupt halt.  Luckily my husband… who is a fantastic gift giver… gave me noise cancelling headphones for Christmas.  They are not just saving my life right now if you catch my drift.  I can plunk them on my head and listen to a favorite podcast or music.


I am generally in bed by 10pm and hopefully that gives me enough sleep to be the best mom I can be in the morning. 


I just love that I am doing The Upstream Field Guide along side one friend and working through The Grief Recovery Handbook with another friend.  I love that I have entire evenings of deep connecting conversations.  I am so grateful for my people.  
What’s saving your life right now? I’m linking up with Anne over at Modern Mrs. Darcy where a bunch of us are sharing things that are giving us life not draining it. 

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1 Response to What’s Saving My Life Right Now…

  1. Arieanna says:

    Tea gets me through most afternoons too!


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