4 Ways a Mom of Little Ones Can Love The World

It’s Valentine’s on Saturday so around here we are all about love this week.  I thought I would start big and give you some ideas for loving the world…

Sponsor a Child

We sponsor through Compassion International but there are other organizations doing great work out there as well. World Vision and Gospel for Asia are 2 others that come to mind.  Not only are you giving the resources for a child to be educated, you are also letting them know that someone cares.  Someone who lives far away is thinking of them and loves them. 
My children and I regularly send packages to our Compassion kids with drawings,photos, paper toys, letters and printable activities.  Writing letters makes a huge difference to a child.
This is my goat and you may not send her to Rawanda… but you can smile because
She’s so cute!

Give a Goat

Really, like you didn’t know this suggestion was coming right?! 
Maybe you’re not in a place to be able to sponsor a child monthly right now and that’s ok… but I’m wondering if you put a LOVE jar in your house and regularly filled it with pocket change, how long would it take to save up $79 to gift a goat to a family in Rawanda. Or maybe $35 to help single mothers in Ecuador start a rabbit business.  Gift that are truly a valuable hand up.

Find a Local Charity to Support

In a couple of weeks my girls and I will be walking with a team of friends and family in The Coldest Night of the Year.  It’s cost me no money, just asking folks I know to donate and an evening walking downtown.  I am pumped to be walking with the people on my team and supporting our local New Life Mission. Incidentally if you would like to love the world through a donation to our team that would be super fantastic! Team Night Owls

Another way we work in the community is by volunteering at the Food Bank.  Not only does volunteering fill a need and get a job done… but you also get the opportunity to connect with the folks you’re working with and create or deepen relationships.  

Pay Attention

Someone mentions that they are struggling… send them a note, let them know you are there and you care.  
Ever get that feeling you should call someone for no other reason than their name won’t leave your brain?  Call them.
See a person asking you to fill their cup with spare change?  Yes drop in your coins but take a little extra time to connect.  Maybe introduce yourself. Hold out your hand and say ” Hi my name is Sarah.” Only insert your own name… unless your name is Sarah as well… which is entirely possible.
How about you?  In the midst of mommydom how are you finding ways to love others?
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