In Which I Have Enough

You are enough… It’s a message we receive from many well intended Christian speakers, motivational bloggers and self help authors.  Yet it is ridiculously hard to believe… because even with Jesus it doesn’t feel like I am enough.

I’m not organized enough.
I’m not wise enough.
I’m not fit enough.
I’m not happy enough.

I’ve been listening to Daring Greatly by Brene` Brown lately and in the first chapter she talks about how we live from a place of scarcity.  From the moment we wake up, before our toes even peek out from under the covers… we think things like “I didn’t get enough sleep.”  “I don’t have enough time this morning.”

Daring Greatly by Brene` Brown

This illusion of scarcity of enough keeps us locked in our comfort zones.  Thinking we aren’t able to be vulnerable because we are not brave enough.

This gave me an idea.  As an aspiring minimalist I am very good at taking stock of my stuff… so what if I shifted my thoughts from what I am (or am not) enough of to what I have enough of.  For instance I have enough time everyday… it is my job to manage it.  I have enough creativity… it is my job to exercise it.

It is a way easier pill to swallow when I am looking at my resources and realizing that they are enough, instead of trying to create labels to stick to myself.

Now when I step back and look at my list I begin to feel confident.

Because I have enough creativity I can think up new and interesting things to write about.
Because I have enough patience (even though Lord knows I am always praying for more) I can close my eyes and take a deep breath (or 10) before I speak.
Because I have enough time I can make a list of priorities and do the things in my life that are important to me.
Because I have enough courage I can step outside my comfort zone.  I can be vulnerable.
Because I have enough… I can be grateful.

What do you feel like is scarce in your life?  What do you realize you actually have enough of?

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4 Responses to In Which I Have Enough

  1. MelissaLeech says:

    Thank you for posting this Sarah! There are so many times I struggle with this myself, and I know I have enough, but often put things aside, procrastinate, and cause myself undue stress. I know I have enough, I am enough, but remembering it is what takes work!


  2. This is an area that I really struggle with. I relate with waking up in the morning and already stressing b/c I feel like I don't have enough time or energy or patience for the day. I am learning to let some things go and to prioritize. I am so thankful for the GRACE of my God, he works and can use me despite my shortcomings.


  3. strainme says:

    This is me! I am always thinking I am not enough. Not good enough, patient enough, or strong enough. I love your idea!


  4. Goat Gal says:

    I think a lot of us struggle with being enough. I love this quote:You’re enough because you were created by God, out of nothing but dust and love, and that’s what makes you enough. Shauna Niequist Thanks for stopping by! Sarah


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