We Did It! Coldest Night of The Year 2015!

Sweet toque selfie!

I must admit I feel a little guilty that our Coldest Night of the Year walk in Kamloops was like 7C and I read that Brampton Ontario was -18C.  I guess it’s a perk of living in the balmy dessert?  I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture of our team, but I will vouch that they were there… Thank you for joining me Sarah, Wyatt, Corene, Dad, Shar and Meadow (and Julie L who was cheering us on from home with a sore foot).

Meadow Pre-walk sporting her touque

I am so proud of my Meadow girl!  She raised $85 and walked the whole 5km… refusing grandpa John’s offers of shoulder rides the whole way.  When we got home she promptly had a hot bath and I rubbed her tired feet (she giggled and wiggled because she’s so ticklish) and she went to sleep for 13+ hours.

Dad and Shar ready to go!

As a team we raised $555.00 for our local New Life Mission and the entire event brought in more that $40,000.00.  Kamloops is a generous place!

It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces in the crowd.  Neighbors and friends and folks I haven’t seen in ages!
We’re planning to have more people on our team next year so keep that in mind!

My brilliant niece Abby rocking out to the tunes.

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