In Which I Get My Hands Dirty

Here we are!  Cup sculptors!

My friend Sarah saw it first… 4 Cats Art Studio was having a workshop called Make a Cuppa so she tagged a bunch of us on Facebook that she thought would be interested… six of us signed up and eagerly waited for our evening to build our own mug.
Now I like to think I’m pretty artsy, maybe craft is a better word if you will… but actually molding something out of clay with my own two hands and a few tools made me feel nervous.  

Then the little gnat of comparison invades my head even before I get there… so and so is WAY more artsy than me and I bet that other so and so already has a million ideas.  She’s so creative.
I try to remember that I too am creative, I can make art, I am and have enough.

Cup 1 with a heart handle.

The day comes and I button on my denim chambray shirt… because it makes me feel more artsy.  We are presented with two intimidating slabs of clay.  Eek!  We really are creating these vessels from scratch!

Thankfully Jenny our instructor has rules and one of them is “It’s no big deal.” ( I may be attempting to adopt that into my home life… stay tuned).

Deep breath and here we go, getting my hands dirty, taking the risk… and it actually turned out!

Were my cups perfect?  No… but they are kinda cute and I may plant herbs or succulents in them instead of drinking tea from them… but that’s a success in my books!

Cup 2 with the curly handle.

What is your favorite way to create art? Have you taken any artsy risks lately?

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3 Responses to In Which I Get My Hands Dirty

  1. amette says:

    Adorable cuppas, Sarah!


  2. Those look great! Clay is so fun to work with. I love the idea of a herb planter…I think I may be inspired….hmmmmmm


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