What I’m Looking Forward to In March

I am finding great joy in the anticipation of things to come in March… both the planned and the unplanned… Here are a few things I am looking forward to:


The weather has been unseasonably warm around here and since we planted about 150 bulbs on the hill in our yard I am hoping to see some tulips poking their little heads up shortly… perhaps by the end of March. 

Everyday Magic.

Everyday Magic is an online photography course put on by Tammy over at Rowdy Kittens .  Her statement of “I believe you can take gorgeous photos with the camera you already own.” is what sold me on this e-course and I can’t wait to get started. 

My friend Anita’s birthday. 

It’s so good to celebrate the people we love.

The possibility of park days and more outdoor play.

I believe that the 2 best places to have adventures are in a book that you have lost yourself in or outside.  My children are happier when they are outside.  They are more creative and have better attitudes as well.  
Oh yes March!  I am ready for you!
What are you looking forward to in March?

If you haven’t already head over and enter The Hunt for a New Name contest.

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