I Have a Confession…

Me looking foxy…

Dear Readers, 
I feel like I have a confession to make.  I write here about being real and authentic and yet I have been afraid to tell you something. *insert deep breath here.*

I wrote a post in back in July titled I’m Not Skinny Any More.  Here are a few of my words from then:

“… I’m much more pear shaped than I was then… but I’m also much more sure… sure that my worth is not wrapped up in my weight… sure that my friends are my friends because they think I’m kind and we have common interests… not because of the way my jeans fit… sure that my husband loves my body whether it’s a size 2 or a size 20. I’m not skinny anymore… and I’m OK with that.”  

Those words are still true, but I feel like I’ve left a part out.  In September I took a good look at my eating habits, you would be hard pressed to find a nutritious food plan that included 4 lattes a day and eating 2 dinners most nights.  I took a look at my lack of exercise routine, which is still somewhat lacking and will hopefully become a work in progress soon.  I took a look at my body and realized that I am OK with not being skinny, but I am not OK with being unhealthy.  

Using mostly smaller portions  and better food choices I have shed and kept off  25lbs since then  I’m happy with this weight.  I’m still not skinny, but my clothes fit better and I rarely have that stuffed to the rafters, Thanksgiving every day, feeling that is rather agonizing. 

I am in no way prescribing any sort of diet for anyone else.  I am not claiming that weight loss is an easy fix for anything except buttoning your jeans faster.  

My goal was never to be a size 2 again, and I’m not. I’m completely OK with that. 

I hope we can still be bloggy buddies.

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1 Response to I Have a Confession…

  1. Ruth Meharg says:

    Love this! I think healthy and confident go hand in hand – at least for me they did. I could never loose weight when I was trying to, but when I decided to just be healthy and enjoy my body the extra came off anyways. So hooray for healthy, beautiful bodies and confident, beautiful minds!


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