Thankful Thursday #30

Each Thursday write about what you are thankful for.  It can be a whole list of things or a post focused on the one things you are most thankful for that week. 

This week I’m thankful for:

Podcasts… I listen to them when I’m doing chores, when I’m driving, even when I’m in the bathtub.  My favorites are:

  • The Moth a collection of people telling very interesting stories.
  • The Robcast Rob Bell’s new podcast
  • Happier Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft giving tips on how to be happier and answering listener questions.
  • The Art of Simple Tsh Oxenreider and a guest have charming conversations about life and the ways they are making simpler choices. 
Jackson Pollock inspired artwork

New Art… New, one of a kind, cheery paintings. Created by the little finger that live here… they greatly improve the log wall don’t ya think?

Friends… The ones who send me pins of cute orthotic friendly shoes… the ones who are just a text away… and the ones who take risks with their vulnerability. Thank you for being in my monkey sphere. 

Yummy yummy taco

Taco Tuesday… Cheap tacos and that delicious red sauce from Senior Froggy’s.  Plus the company of my Craig.  Who could ask for anything more?

Daily Photos… Finding the little moments and capturing them. 

Coffee… Enough said.

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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday #30

  1. Today I am thankful for:
    Coffee, The mild spring weather, soft warm toddler snuggles, friends like you reminding me to look at the positive things in life.


  2. Goat Gal says:

    You are a gem… I think we need to make some opportunities to hang out!


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