How to Prevent a Mommy Tantrum

Child!  Why must you do so many things that stress me out?  When will you understand that I NEED silence?  Please please let your food go from the bowl to your mouth without spilling for just one meal time today!  

I can feel the pressure building inside of me.  I’m trying to breath deep.  I’ve been successful at holding it together up ’til now… what’s a few more hours?  

I’ll go to Pinterest… there’s bound to be some inspirational quote or blog post on how to not lose your shit on your children.  Seriously kid!  Stop asking me for a story!  Can’t you see I’m trying to self improve here!  More deep breathing… this time with my eyes closed.  All of those bloggy, Pinterest moms already have it all together anyway.  What would they know about wanting to vaporize your children for just an hour of peace?

I know!  I’ll get proactive… It must be the clutter driving me crazy… not my children.  Small victories… the counter is cleared and wiped, the dishwasher unloaded and then loaded again… What the heck!  What in the world made you think it was a good idea to take the clean spoons I just put away and scoop dirt out of the plants on to the shag area rug.  Really kid… you just aren’t quite understanding the gravity of the situation here are you?  


I should call someone.  Except that would mean admitting that I feel like I am on the verge of being a bad mom.  It means losing my pride.  It means exposing my most vulnerable place.  Plus who has the time to hear my miseries.  I’ll just sit here and wallow in being afraid and make up excuses, and telling myself lies. 

There is a truth though, the truth is I want to be told “You are not alone.”  Not so I can continue along the same life sucking path. Not so I can feel like I have permission to actually explode.  Because this is not every day… And the guilt that comes after a mommy tantrum is way worse than trying to clean potting soil out of the carpet. Maybe the next sentence can be “Have courage friend, I’ll pray for you and then you can try again.”  Then I will gain strength, and head back to the trenches with a little healing, and try to do better.

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6 Responses to How to Prevent a Mommy Tantrum

  1. Ahhh Sarah, you have such a way with words! I love that you are “real.” I love the “vaporize your children” part…it made me laugh out loud! Anytime you need to call someone, please call me, chances are you can talk me down too and then we can laugh and move on! Us mom's have to stick together! It's a tough job, but I thank God everyday (sometimes it takes until the end of the day when they are sleeping…but it happens) that He allows me to be home with my kids!


  2. Goat Gal says:

    Oh Corrina… Someday I just might end up on your door step begging for coffee… talking in caveman language until my thoughts collect themselves.


  3. Oh man. Bed time is the worst in this house… I can usually hold my poop together, but when I am tired and run down from the day and the kids are relentless with arguing and not wanting to stay in bed… the mommy tantrums happen.
    I apologize to them and forgive myself and move on.. but yeah I'm sure we all have those mommy tantrum moments.


  4. Please do…coffee's always on! And….I think I could learn caveman speak!


  5. almost called you today!
    love you (((SS)))


  6. Serene says:

    Feeling the same as this makes me want to lie face down on the couch…. no, on the floor. I need silence too, but more than that I need kids that feel loved. How do we do this well? Still working it out….


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