Simple On Purpose: Simple Living Resources

I am a person who requires inspiration to take on any sort of life change… although I suppose my inspiration for living with less came from my frustration of wading through my excess.  The first step I took was to chuck stuff out!  Once the initial rush of momentum ran out I needed to refuel and this is how I did it.

I read minimalist blogs…

Tico and Tina have a huge list of minimalist articles on their blog Make Room for Greatness.  Seriously everything from what’s holding you back to what you need to give up on. 

Becoming Minimalist is blog that doesn’t just give you a list of tips, but opens up the story to the bigger picture of how much sweeter life can be when we are no weighed down with so much luggage to carry around.  

I just love Tsh’s website The Art of Simple.  Again this is not just a how to for getting rid of clutter, but a collection of habits and strategies to help along the journey.

There is a feature on the Miss Minimalist blog called Real Life Minimalists.  It’s so good to scroll through and read other people’s stories.  There is strength in knowing you are not alone. 

I read books…

Tsh Oxenreider has written two books that were very influential in how I am walking through this lifestyle change. One Bite at a Time is a fantastically practical guide to conquering one small life change at a time.  Notes From a Blue Bike is full of heart warming thought on living intentionally and the pursuit of simple.  I recommend buying both.

Clutter Free with Kids by Joshua Becker was a huge game changer for me… it really hit home that I wanted my kids to know a home of imagination and time spent on being together doing the things we love… not a house piled with toys and gadgets.  I wanted them to grow up learning intention and making sound choices about purchases and this book confirmed all of those ideas and helped me put them into practice. 

I found a challenge…

There are a lot of good ones out there… 

Project 333 is a challenge to create a capsule wardrobe out of 33 clothing items or less and maintain it for 3 months. 

This 30-day minimalist challenge from Into Mind  looks like it will be very encouraging to participate in. It doesn’t just deal with cleaning out closets and dealing with your physical junk… the daily suggestions are mostly about doing things that are good for your peace of mind and I could totally use a little sanity here.

What are your favorite simple living resources?  

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