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Book Bargain News Flash!

I have been wanting to read 50 Women Every Christian Should Know by Michelle DeRusha every since I heard about it on a podcast by Tsh over at The Art of Simple called My Favorite Woman Yet. I can not wait … Continue reading

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Ezer k’gnedo… The Help That Opposes

Dear Traditional North American Church,It’s been a while since we last talked.  Admittedly I have been more of an outside observer than a participant  inside your walls over the last year, but I have noticed something that I’d like to … Continue reading

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How To Be a Saint… According to Saints

I first fell in love with All Saints Day 2 years ago…  A day to celebrate sainthood… what a glorious way to spend 24 hours… this year has me thinking though… How does one become a saint? Fourteenth-century mystic Meister … Continue reading

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Because This… 20th Edition

Welcome to the end of the week… where I share my favorite photos and the links that have impacted me most: So until we have the imagination and the wherewithal to bring God’s kingdom down to earth, I guess I … Continue reading

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The Work of Life…

I must be in my early thirties… people tell me that this soul searching, purpose hunting, self reinventing… is a symptom of that. The books in my “to read” pile tell me that I am hungry for change… They are … Continue reading

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Why My Husband Believing in Evolution Shook My Core…

“Sarah is an amazing pray-er…” A friend of mine once told the whole church… “if you ever need someone to pray for you it’s her.” “Sarah is really great at organizing ladies retreats…” another friend has boasted about me… I … Continue reading

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This isn’t a post about how blessed I am… honestly it’s a bit of a rant about other people announcing that they are so blessed… I am more than agreeable that children are a blessing… I am really a fan … Continue reading

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