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Happy Birthday Anita!

Snuggle selfie! About 9 years ago my close friends Anita was pulled through the front door of a little house, with a white picket fence and a red door, by a stark raving mad, lunatic of a postpartum woman.  The … Continue reading

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How to Prevent a Mommy Tantrum

Child!  Why must you do so many things that stress me out?  When will you understand that I NEED silence?  Please please let your food go from the bowl to your mouth without spilling for just one meal time today! … Continue reading

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I’m a Good Mom… And So Are You

There I am newly minted mom, believing I was wise beyond my 23years on the planet. This post contains affiliate links.  Items purchased through these links or by clicking the Amazon ad in my side bar provides a monetary income for this blog. … Continue reading

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What To Write to Your Sponsored Child’s Mother.

I know it’s only the end of February and Mother’s Day seems very far away… but it’s the perfect time to talk about what to write to your sponsored child’s mother for Mother’s Day. Write about why you chose her child … Continue reading

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We Did It! Coldest Night of The Year 2015!

Sweet toque selfie! I must admit I feel a little guilty that our Coldest Night of the Year walk in Kamloops was like 7C and I read that Brampton Ontario was -18C.  I guess it’s a perk of living in … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Our Privilege

On Tuesday my sweetie took me out on an amazing date to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I felt like I was being wooed and wined (well gin and tonic-ed) and dined. We feasted on muscles and scallops.  Perfectly cooked steak and … Continue reading

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Beautiful Things- Link Up

Beauty… it really is in the eye (or the ear) of the beholder.  This week in preparation for our Beautiful Things link up I have been especially mindful of finding beauty in my surroundings. From the full moon behind the … Continue reading

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