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Simple On Purpose: Simple Living Resources

I am a person who requires inspiration to take on any sort of life change… although I suppose my inspiration for living with less came from my frustration of wading through my excess.  The first step I took was to … Continue reading

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Simple on Purpose: Myths About Simple Living

One of the things that scared me about simple living and minimalism at first was that it would mean huge sacrifice and feeling like I was lacking.  In case you have those same fears let me dispel some of the … Continue reading

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Simple on Purpose: My Story

I  had a messy bedroom my entire youth.  Oh sure every once in a while I would be inspired to clean up all of my crap… cramming it into drawers and my closet, only to see it all toss itself … Continue reading

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Introducing Simple on Purpose

Over the past few months I have been searching. Searching for ways to sculpt my life into something meaningful.  I want to say yes to the opportunities that line up with my life’s purpose. Say no, with out regret, to … Continue reading

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